This is a service for the consumer to help them make an informed decision on a wide range of products that they might be interested in.


Thousands of products are made available every year. Finding the correct product requires spending a lot of time and effort and it is through a product comparison platform that you can help yourself make an informed decision whether a certain product is the right one for you or not.


Ratings are created by giving points to each product using a formula that use the same parameters in order to normalize the results. This way results are kept neutral and objective.

The comparisons are neutral, object and thoroughly researched. In comparison to other services, contact has not been made with the product, instead, our product selection and ratings are derived from external technical data, for example:

*Other external Reviews
*Customer opinions
*Technical Specifications


This comparison service is free for the consumer. However, in order to continue offering you this service, commissions from different online shops are received and other advertising sources like advertising banners are used. Have in mind, that these sources have no influence on the Comparison Results.

Comparison Results

Even though a lot of effort is put into researching products, in some cases, fault on the verified points of a product or service are no longer up to date when the comparison is published. For this reason, no guarantee is assumed for the up-to-date prices and the presence (or lack thereof) of certain services, functions, features, terms of contract or similar in the products and services compared and presented here.

Therefore, before you purchase or conclude any contracts with the respective provider of the product or service, please always inform yourself about the exact performance, price and terms of contract.

If you notice mistakes that required correction, please feel free to contact us at: [email protected]