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Darts Included?
Staple free/Kenyan Sisa
Staple free
Top notch sisa
High quality cork base
Paper Wound
Diameter Disc
17.5 inches
18 x 1.5 inches
18 inches
16 inches
18 x 1 inches
18 inches
Tournament Dimensions
  • Galvanized steel wiring
  • Staple free blade
  • High D\density sisal
  • Viper shot Kkng
  • Utilizes thin
  • Galvanized wires
  • Round metal wire
  • Printed number ring
  • Multi player
  • 2 game option
  • Baseball design
  • High quality cork base
  • 2 sets darts
  • Wire spider web
  • Classic 20 point darts
  • 2 sided board
  • Classic 20 Point
  • Circular bulls eye
Why should you buy it?
  • Quality board
  • Darts land
  • Stick solidly
  • Minimize bounce outs
  • Excellent dartboard
  • High quality board
  • Easy to hang up
  • Excellent product
  • Super fun board
  • Simple board
  • Excellent beginner board
  • Easy to hang
  • Perfect dartboard
  • 2 defferent games
  • Great quality
Last Updated: December 14, 2017 at 2:01 pm

With a dartboard at home you are all set for endless hours of fun either on your own or in the company of friends. The most common type of dartboard is known as a bristle dartboard. In particular, Nodor dart boards are the chief types of dartboards used during dart tournaments in the UK (the largest dart playing nation) and around the world.

The Primary Function of a Dartboard

The traditional bristle dartboard has tightly woven bristly fibers which hold thrown darts with effortless ease. However, today there is a new trend emerging where electronic dartboards are replacing traditional bristle dartboards especially in trendy, up market entertainment places. Other than aesthetics and convenience, proponents of electronic dartboards contend that these boards allow more versatility to the game including setting up the game for league play against players in a distributed network.

How a Dartboard Works?

A traditional dartboard uses a tightly woven network of bristles to trap steel tipped darts thrown at the targets. When selecting a traditional bristle dartboard look for one with bristles woven as tightly as possible as this offers greater accuracy in play as well as durability.

An electronic dartboard is comprises thousands of tiny holes which make the playing surface. When an electronic dart, known as a soft tip dart, enters one of these holes, the score is automatically recorded.

Owing chiefly to design limitations, the targets on an electronic dartboard are usually enlarged. Those pushing for greater adoption of electronic dartboards contend this approach has served to make it easier for novices to learn the game as scoring is less frustrating for a rank beginner.

Electronic dartboards also hold the advantage of being easily configurable to different formats of the game. Moreover, while electronic dartboards typically display the scores of two players at a time, they support up to eight dart players at a go. Today it is even possible to buy an electronic dartboard on which you can play with traditional steel tipped darts.