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Kettlebell Type
Fitness Kettlebell
Fitness Kettlebell
Fitness Kettlebell
Fitness Kettlebell
Fitness Kettlebell
Fitness Kettlebell
Easy grip
Easy grip
Easy grip
Easy grip
Easy grip
Easy grip
5, 10, 15 pounds
10 pounds
44 pounds
15 pounds
10 pounds
20 pounds
HDPE, Concrete
Solid cast iron
Solid cast iron
Solid cast iron
Vinyl coated, Cement
Vinyl coated, Cement
  • 3 X Kettlebell
  • HDPE
  • Concrete
  • Extra wide grip
  • Solid cast iron
  • Black machined finish
  • 30 day warranty
  • Single cast maximum durability
  • No welded on handles
  • Machined flat bottoms
  • Solid cast iron
  • Black paint finish
  • Wide texture handle
  • 10 pound weight
  • Smoother handle
  • Comfortable grip
  • Protective vinyl shell
  • Helps develop strength
  • Cement filled
Why should you buy it?
  • Very nice
  • Well made
  • Look great.
  • Solid material
  • Very glossy
  • Good for building muscle
  • High quality kettlebell
  • Smooth grip handle
  • Accurate weight
  • Weight accurately
  • Wide handle
  • Forearms developing
  • Comfortable to hold
  • Extremely satisfied
  • Semi light weight
  • Multi workout tool
  • Coated very well
  • High quality made
Last Updated: March 21, 2018 at 2:01 am

What is a Kettlebell?

It is not a million dollar question and even a small child will have the answer for this question. A Kettlebell is an iron cast which looks like a kettle with a handle to lift. It is just like a dumbbell and it is yet another weight lifting exercise instrument. Before you start your Kettlebell workout, just do some simple stretches and warm-ups to make your body ready to lift the weight.

Kettlebell exercises are of two types:

– Strength workout.

– Stretch workout.

Strength workouts are done to make your body comfortable to lift the weights and also to strengthen the muscles. Strengthening exercises using the Kettlebell workout for beginners are normally just lifting and holding the Kettlebell in different positions. The following are some of the strengthening exercises

Lift two kettlebells together in two hands and keep it close to your chest area and hold for a count of 30.

Lift one Kettlebell in one hand and similarly keep close to your chest area and hold for a count of 30 and do the workout similarly for the other hand.

Kneel down on one knee and lift the Kettlebell in the opposite hand of the knee that is bent down (i.e. if you kneel using left leg, lift the Kettlebell in the right hand) and hold the Kettlebell straight in your eye level for a count of 25. Repeat the same with another leg and hand combination.

Keep the position similar to the step 3 and just lift your hand up above your head and hold the Kettlebell for another 25 counts. Similarly repeat the same procedure for the other hand and leg combination

Repeat steps 1 to 4 for 5 to 7 times a day to strengthen your muscles.

The following are some of the stretching Kettlebell workout for beginners

Swing Exercise – Hold two Kettlebells in both the hands and stretch your hands in either direction. Now swing your hands without moving the legs. Only your body portion above your hip should be moving to and fro in both the directions. Do this for a count of 30.

Lifting Exercise – Keep two Kettlebell in both your hands and hold it down. Lift one hand up above the head level and hold one hand facing the knee. Bring the lifted Kettlebell down and lift the Kettlebell on the other hand above your head. Repeat the steps for a count of 25.

Flatbed Lift – This is another good Kettlebell workout for beginners which give strength to your upper body part. Just lie flat on your back and hold the Kettlebell and lift it above your head level. Hold it for a count of 15 and slowly bring it back to the ground level and lift another Kettlebell in another hand. Increase the count slowly to 30 on second and third day.

Repeat these three steps for 5 to 7 times a day and do the same for the first 10 days of your Kettlebell workout.